Meet Eddie

A Genuine Conservative Champion

Eddie Wenrich is vying for a seat in the State Senate with a mission to reform Harrisburg and rid it of corruption. His unwavering dedication is centered around advancing individual freedoms and liberties. Eddie firmly believes that the time has come to introduce innovative viewpoints and novel solutions to Harrisburg, all while championing justice and liberty for every Pennsylvanian.

As a staunch adherent to constitutional principles, Eddie stands resolute in his commitment to question the established norms and vigorously uphold the rights and liberties of the people of Pennsylvania. His loyalty to the Constitution is unwavering, ensuring that he remains a steadfast advocate for the values that underpin our great Commonwealth.

Eddie on the issues

Putting Pennsylvanians First

For far too long, politicians in Harrisburg, including Senator Argall, have prioritized special interest groups, big pharma, major banks, and Wall Street over the people. I refuse to tolerate this any longer. My unwavering commitment is to represent the citizens of our Commonwealth, not lobbyists.

Defend Your Second Amendment Rights

Prohibitions on firearms and the establishment of gun-free zones are in violation of the Constitution. Through my speeches, legislative efforts, and voting record in the state house, I will consistently emphasize that gun-free zones diminish the safety of law-abiding citizens.


Taxation of the Pennsylvanians is extremely high, and it’s because we have one of the largest funded state legislatures and too many government handouts. It’s high time we trim the fat and vote for a decrease in wages for state legislators instead of a raise.

Parents’ Rights & School Choice

I am dedicated to ensuring that parents have the greatest influence over the health and education decisions of their children. The state does not possess ownership of your children; it is the parents’ responsibility. Parents should not feel compelled to embrace radicalized curricula, unnecessary vaccine mandates, or mask requirements.


State politicians, like Dave Argall, have invited Kooth to Pennsylvania and funded it with a state grant, apparently anticipating that the company will be harmful and embarrassing to PA school districts. Argall and many other state politicians seem to be misusing funding at CCA for personal gain.

Corporate Contributions Are Prohibited By State Law

Contributions Are Not Tax Deductible For Income Tax Purposes

Pennsylvania Success Initiative

My Pledge as Your Next State Senator

For far too long, the elected officials in Harrisburg have deceived the people. They claim to be your servants, yet they primarily serve their own interests, driven by an insatiable desire for re-election. Their hunger for power overshadows their responsibility to govern.

But that era ends now because I bring you the unvarnished truth. The American dream has let you down. Working hard and playing by the rules no longer guarantees success. Your children may not enjoy a better life than you did. Many among you can’t secure a job, even though you earnestly seek one. We’ve been burdened by high taxes, low wages, and inadequate infrastructure. Our nation is threatened by those who seek to dismantle it, and entitlements have become a root problem. Let me be unequivocal: You are entitled to nothing. America was built on the spirit of industriousness. You shape your destiny; it isn’t handed to you.

The issue with Harrisburg is that they haven’t provided you with the tools to craft your future. Their duty is to empower you, not through handouts, but through real, well-paying jobs.

Harrisburg boasts a 3.5% unemployment rate, implying that only around 460,000 of our 13 million citizens are unemployed. Do you truly believe that figure? Many must juggle two or three jobs just to make ends meet, unless they’re fortunate enough to secure a high-paying job. My objective is straightforward: bring high-paying jobs back to our coal regions and bolster the entire state. You should have the option for a balanced work-home life, and if you aspire to a well-paying job, you should have the opportunity to pursue it.

Now, some might consider these words controversial. Most politicians wouldn’t dare speak them, as campaign advisors would caution against it. But I can say them because I am not a politician. Politicians are overly cautious, dodging and tip-toeing around issues. I’d rather win this election by offering something of value than winning it with empty promises.

I call this endeavor the ‘Pennsylvania Success Initiative.’ It will guarantee quality jobs statewide, revamp our critical infrastructure, attract diverse industries from outside our borders to enhance competitiveness with states like Tennessee, Texas, and Florida. Specifically for my district, it will breathe new life into every aspect, from job creation to blight elimination, fostering vibrant nightlife and family activities. It will make people want to stay here, succeed, and entice others to make this their new home.

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, ‘The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.”

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