State politicians, like Dave Argall, have invited Kooth to Pennsylvania and funded it with a state grant, apparently anticipating that the company will be harmful and embarrassing to PA school districts. Argall and many other state politicians seem to be misusing funding at CCA for personal gain.

CCA Cyber is entirely publicly funded by local property tax revenue, lacking any locally elected oversight, accountability through tax bills with CCA Cyber’s name on them, or local public meetings to scrutinize the spending of local funds by CCA Cyber. Consequently, state politicians, including Dave Argall, are accessing local funding at CCA Cyber without facing consequences.

The financial appeal of CCA Cyber to state politicians like Argall creates an incentive to sabotage local public district schools whenever they believe they can do so without repercussions. The goal of this sabotage appears to be to encourage conservative families to withdraw their children in favor of CCA Cyber, touted as the #1 choice in Pennsylvania.

This issue gains significance given the recent finding that funding schools based on their zip code is unconstitutional. Consequently, there is a push to channel all available funds towards CCA Cyber. While school choice and homeschooling are viable options, the concern lies in the potential for corruption and the enrichment of politicians through their association with CCA. It is imperative to address and end this corruption now.

Top 10 reasons to be extremely concerned about Kooth mental health services:

  1. Age Requirements:

    • “Requires no parental awareness or permission to use if the child is 14 and older in school districts in Pennsylvania that choose to enroll in the Kooth program.”
  2. Gender Identity Discussions:

    • “Will engage with children as young as 11 regarding their gender identity.”
  3. Nature of Kooth:

    • “Kooth is primarily a social media platform disguised as a mental health service. It can be accessed via school computers and kids’ personal cell phones. Kooth is 100% digital and does not involve telehealth or video conferencing.”
  4. Practitioner Concerns:

    • “Unlicensed Kooth practitioners frequently interact with children to cut costs, as Kooth is a for-profit company prioritizing profits over the well-being of kids.”
  5. Transgender Practitioners:

    • “Has a history of using transgender Kooth practitioners, as identified by ‘(they/them)’ pronouns in the ‘meet the team’ Kooth bios.”
  6. Privacy Issues:

    • “Is willing to mine and sell private information gathered from Kooth forums where kids share intimate details of their lives.”
  7. Safety and Effectiveness:

    • “Our kids serve as guinea pigs for Kooth, as recent research indicates that the online model’s safety and effectiveness are unknown.”
  8. Lack of Evaluation:

    • “Kooth has not been evaluated by federal government experts for safety and efficacy.”
  9. Security Risks:

    • “Poses security risks, as anyone can sign into the Kooth program as an anonymous user to observe children discussing intimate and sometimes sexual details on Kooth forums. This allows potential exploitation and blackmail by individuals with malicious intent.”
  10. Transparency Issues:

    • “Lacks honesty with school boards and the public, as Kooth fails to disclose that ‘mental health’ discussions may include gender identity conversations with 11-year-olds through Kooth’s computer-based experience.”

Let’s combat corruption in Harrisburg and transform Pennsylvania into a state that truly serves its people.

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